Mastery 14 – OO and Agile

Agile life cycle works like this: It is a new way to see the development team, Agile is flexible, doesn't have guidelines, creativity is valued, there is freedom to fail. Agile believes that the team is aware of their responsibilities and that they will the necessary and adequate things in order to accomplish their … Continue reading Mastery 14 – OO and Agile


Validated user input (ensure correct/expected data entry)

there are many options to validate a user input, i'll show you some of them: user1 = input("digite un numero: ") while user1.isdigit(): print("cool") break else: print("bad") isdigit is a function that checks if the input is a number or a string, if it's a number it will return the value "true". this works like … Continue reading Validated user input (ensure correct/expected data entry)